This Zamboni Gingerbread Kit Is Possibly The Most Canadian Thing Ever

Move over, Shania Twain on a dog sled at the Grey Cup.

There’s another contender for peak Canada, and it comes with ready-to-use icing.

Only in Canada, eh? from canada

Yes, that is an Loblaws, Your Independent Grocer, Amazon (where it’s currently sold out), and Top Dog Collectibles, sells for around $14.99 and has been around for a few years, but somehow flew largely under the radar.

Those who have spotted the kit in the wild (a.k.a. the store), have been quick to point out its epic Canadian-ness.

It’s even made some Americans jealous (as they should be).

Just like Anne Murray’s Christmas album, Tim Hortons ornaments, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a Christmas sweater, the zamboni gingerbread kit will now forever be part of our most Canadian Christmas traditions.

Maybe it will even be featured in a Heritage Minute.

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Author: Natalie Stechyson