Queen Elizabeth Is Living Her Best Life By Having Four Cocktails Per Day

Queen Elizabeth sure knows a thing or two about living life to the fullest. Besides travelling without a passport and hiring an assistant to break in her shoes (ain’t nobody got time for that), the 91-year-old also indulges in four cocktails every. Single. Day.


So what’s the Queen’s drink of choice? Turns out, it depends on the time of day.

A resurfaced article by The Independent reported that Her Majesty has a gin and Dubonnet “with a slice of lemon and a lot of ice,” just before lunch. This is followed by a glass of wine during lunch, which is usually a simple meal of vegetables and fish, and ends with a piece of chocolate because, really, who can resist something sweet after a meal?

In the evenings, the Queen enjoys a dry gin martini and a glass of champagne before bed.

British's Queen Elizabeth II samples a B

According to her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, Her Majesty likes consistency and never changes her alcohol intake. So while the Queen’s boozy routine was first reported in 2012, we can expect her passion for liquor hasn’t changed.

Interestingly, The Telegraph notes that because of these four cocktails, the Queen consumes six units of alcohol per day, making her a binge drinker, according to U.K. standards. Canada has similar standards in that heavy drinking for females is considered four drinks or more.

The Queen consumes six units of alcohol per day, making her a binge drinker, according to U.K. standards.

Considering the Queen is 91 years old, we can’t help but wonder how her consistent alcohol intake has affected her health. Could this be the secret to her longevity?

According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol does offer some health benefits — including a reduced risk of heart disease — when consumed in moderation, meaning up to one drink a day.

While Her Majesty’s alcohol intake goes above the suggested guidelines, we bet her consistent cocktail schedule has kept her happiness levels up. And considering a previous study has found that sustained happiness in older age makes you live longer, we think it’s safe to applaud the Queen for living her best life.

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Author: Isabelle Khoo