Popular Book Company Canada To Revise Workbook That ‘Whitewashes’ Indigenous History

RICHMOND HILL, Ont. — An Ontario-based publishing company says it will change an educational workbook that online reviewers say “whitewashes” the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Popular Book Company Canada posted a statement on its Facebook page noting that the description “about the experience between the First Nations and European settlers” in one of its books intended for Grade 3 students needs “revising”.

Last week, an image surfaced online showing that of a book claiming that First Nations peoples agreed to move to make room for European settlers.

The company has received a slew of one-star Facebook reviews in recent days as the image of the book spread.

Reviewers have pointed out that First Nations people were forced off of their land, and did not, as the book describes, agree to “move to different areas to make room for the settlements”.

The Richmond Hill, Ont.-based publisher says the book, “Complete Canadian Curriculum 3”, is set to be reprinted shortly, and the “necessary changes” will be made in the new version.

The publisher did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Author: Canadian Press