George Wang Offering $3,500 Reward For Missing Instagram-Famous Puppy

A months-old puppy with more than 20,000 Instagram followers has gone missing, and his Ontario owner is offering $3,500 for his safe return.

George Wang said in an Instagram post that his young pet Tank went missing while staying in a kennel at his parents’ Kitchener, Ont. home some time between the hours of 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. on July 27. Since then, he has been using his dog’s social media following to help solicit a province-wide search for his best furry friend, with the help of the “bringtankhome” hashtag.

His campaign has already proven popular, as $1,000 of Wang’s reward was donated anonymously.

“[My] parents discovered the dog was gone, and called me to see if I had grabbed him,” Wang told CTV News Channel. “Nothing else was touched [and] my dad, when he came in, he noticed grass as well as near the crate, there may have been a small scrape.”

According to CTV Kitchener, the police are indeed investigating this possible pet theft.

“I just want my puppy back,” said Wang, to CTV Kitchener. “People told me, ‘He’s a really good-looking dog so you’ve got to be careful.'”

If Tank’s Instagram page is any indication, Wang first brought the then-six-weeks-old dog home at the end of May. His breed has not yet been identified. Since his disappearance, Wang has been reposting photos of the blue-nosed dog to commemorate their 10 weeks together in chronological order.

In the most recent post, added on Tuesday morning, Wang wrote what reads as a puppy diary entry.

“I took Tank to a small park the next day and he seized the opportunity to check out the water and rocks,” wrote Wang. “The activity was very tiring for him. Tank slept for the rest of the day.”

Wang is asking for those in the Waterloo, Hamilton or Greater Toronto Area to keep an eye out for his unusual-looking dog. He is also seeking any information regarding Tank’s whereabouts to be sent to him directly on Facebook.

“Discretely message me and I will gladly pay a cash reward for his safe return, absolutely no questions asked,” wrote Wang.

“If Tank cannot be safely returned, please treat him well and love him dearly.”

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Author: Joanna Adams