Edward Rogers to become Chair of the Board for Rogers Communications in 2018

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Rogers Communications, the company at the head of the Rogers empire, announced a symbolically significant change to the structure of its board of directors.

Effective January 1st, longtime chairperson, sometimes executive and family friend Alan Horn will pass leadership of the board to Edward Rogers, who will become the new chair of the company’s board of directors. Meanwhile, his sister, Melinda Rogers, will take on the role of deputy chair.

Horn, most recently, oversaw day-to-day operations of the Rogers while the company waited for new CEO Joseph Natale’s non-compete contract with Telus to expire.

If you’re looking for context, it’s hard to look at this announcement and not see it as the end of drama-filled chapter in both the company and family’s history (most of which is expertly chronicled in this Toronto Life feature by Kelly Pullen).

In one more recent moment, back in 2014, then CEO Guy Laurence asked the company’s board of directors to remove Edward and Melinda from their operational roles. Moving forward, they will assume two of the most prominent roles on the telecom’s board of directors.

Correction: a previous version of this article incorrectly stated both Guy Laurence and Nadir Mohamed attempted to remove Edward and Melinda Rogers from the company’s board of directors.

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Author: Igor Bonifacic